What’s next? An update on the Future Island-island project


What’s next? An update on the ground-breaking Future Island-island project

  • Monday 19 February, 17:30
  • Please make sure to book ferry tickets in advance to avoid disappointment (the last ferries leave the island at 16:30, and not all ferries accept luggage)

Rathlin is at the heart of an exciting project that will take cutting-edge design concepts and bring them to life, for the benefit of the community and Northern Ireland. In a nutshell, the Future Island-Island project will apply the best design-led research to the ‘real world’ and see which are most feasible on a large scale.

The ambition? That this two-year project will find out what works for Rathlin and what can be applied to other communities – through lifestyle changes, eco-friendly waste management options, and a responsible approach to tourism and heritage by harnessing the power of digital technology. Find out more from Professor Justin Magee, Research Director for Art & Design at Ulster University and Principal Investigator on Future Island-Island.