About the RDCA

Rathlin Development and Community Association

The RDCA is the voluntary body that represents the Rathlin community

The RDCA promotes the Rathlin way of life, and works for improvements to services and infrastructure. The RDCA membership elects a committee of volunteers that are heavily involved in various projects, ranging from training and skills development to renewable energy and a whole lot in between.


The Rathlin Community Association was established in 1978 and after alterations to the constitution, its name changed in 1986 to the Rathlin Development and Community Association. The RDCA is a charity, recognised by the NI Charity Commission and HMRC.


Membership is open to people aged sixteen years or older who are resident on Rathlin Island for at least eight months in the year or have the Island as a permanent home address (but may work, study or convalesce on the mainland).

The RDCA is primarily concerned with:

Improving the quality of life for those living on the island
Ensuring that basic services and infrastructure are provided
Encouraging appropriate economic development

The RDCA is based in the Resource Centre on the island. This is also the base for the full-time Community Development Worker, David Quinney Mee, and the RDCA’s part-time Administrative Assistant, Stephen Ryan.

RDCA Committee 2021/22

After the 2023 Annual General Meeting, the new Committee members for the 2023/2024 year are:

  • Michael Cecil, Chair
  • Fergus McFaul, Vice Chair
  • Marina McMullan, Secretary
  • Marianne Green, Treasurer
  • Millie Eyre
  • Ciaran McCurdy
  • Tom McDonnell
  • Pablo Mitchell