Visit Responsibly

Rathlin is a very special place, lets keep it that way

We want everyone to enjoy their time on Rathlin but some simple steps can help keep you and the island a great place for everyone.

We also want to protect our environment and our way of life

Please take some time to read how you can visit responsibly

Respect the privacy and property of others

Please use the bins provided, or better still, take your litter home and protect our countryside

Protect wildlife and farm animals by keeping your dog under control at all times

You are encouraged to keep your dog on a lead at all times, especially around sheep or lambs and both the seal pupping and bird nesting seasons.

Do not disturb seals or other wildlife

Seals haul out to rest, warm up and breed; they are very sensitive to disturbance. Seals are protected by law from intentional or reckless disturbance.

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Keep our heritage safe

The old stone walls can be more fragile than they look. Help protect them and do not climb on them.

Love this Place and Leave No Trace

Please see the Leave No Trace Ireland website for further information on how you can protect Rathlin and all special places.

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Be Biosecurity Aware

Look out for invasive species or plant and animal diseases.

Why protect Rathlin?

Because it is awesome here. Let's keep it that way.

Rathilin Island Ferry Timetable

Click the link below to view the ferry timetable

Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland's only inhabited island download timetable