What would Dark Sky Community status mean for Rathlin?

Sunday 18/02/24

Come find out in this pop-up workshop on Wednesday, February 21st at the Manor House! 7pm. 

Preserving Rathlin’s dark sky heritage

Guest speakers from Mayo Dark Sky Park and Dark Sky Ireland will explain the concept of dark skies, what it means for lighting adjustments, and how accreditation can benefit a community. The event will address some myths about dark skies and lighting and how making some simple adaptations can enhance an area at night with the use of ambient lighting.

The workshop will explain the impact of excessive artificial light on wildlife, wellbeing and the right to enjoy a natural night sky, now only visible in a handful of locations across Ireland.  Preserving this natural heritage is part of what connects us to our past history, and a bright future.

A big focus of the NI Science Festival on Rathlin has been dark skies – what the stars mean for our cultures, the beauty of the northern lights, and what light pollution does to wildlife. This is the perfect chance to explore what’s next for Rathlin with its low light pollution.