Rathlin for all seasons

Autumn and winter

Rathlin for all seasons

Discover autumn and winter

Book a short break to unwind on Rathlin as Autumn begins. Discover the dark sky experience later in the year.

The best travellers make the most of every season. You can have space to explore and get the most form the locals when they’re less busy.


Autumn and winter Highlights

Five things not to miss during the chillier months.

Enjoy Rathlin at its most tranquil. Blow the cobwebs away with a bracing walk along the trails.

You might see the Northern Lights, but the stars alone on a clear night offer respite for the mind.

Stormy weather and big waves bring great photo opportunities.

Listen for the “chow” call of choughs as they ride the sea breeze.

Keep your eyes peeled for one of our rarest mammals, the Irish hare.

Varied species

for every season