Rathlin for all seasons

Spring and summer

Rathlin for all seasons

Discover spring and summer

Spring into the wild nature of Rathlin and experience wildlife waking up or returning for the year.

Spring is the perfect time for a relaxed  visit, before the main season kicks off. You can have space to explore and get the most from the locals when they’re less busy.


Spring and summer Highlights

Spring and summer are a busy time for nature and a great time for you to explore.


Experience the hustle and bustle of Rathlin’s seabird city as thousands of birds raise their chicks precariously on the cliff edges at the West Light Seabird Centre.


Enjoy a picnic at Knockans viewpoint – on a good day you can see all the way to Donegal.


Look out for beautiful wildflowers, including heath spotted-orchids, along the Roonivoolin trail.


Watch seals basking at Church Bay and Mill Bay.


Scan the sky for buzzards, peregrines and ravens. Listen for the ‘crex-crex’ call of the elusive corncrake.



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